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Capo di Stato is the special reserve Venegazzu Della Casa from Loredan Gasparini's historic "Vineyard of the 100 Plants", planted in 1946. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes.

Capo di Stato is produced in limited quantities and vintages. Only the best grapes from the best harvests are used. It is a very rare and special wine. The first ever vintage was 1964, but it wasn't until 1967 that it took the name "Capo di Stato"...

A legend is born

The name Capo di Stato (“Head of State”) was given to this wine in honour of Charles du Gaulle who enjoyed it during a dinner at the Gritti Hotel, Venice (1967), while visiting for the Biennale. He publicly praised the “excellent Bordeaux”. It was pointed out to him that the wine was not produced in Bordeaux, but in Venegazzu, Italy.

Capo di Stato by Tono Zancanaro 1967

The label on a bottle of Capo di Stato is one of two art works created by Tono Zancanaro (1906-1985) in 1967 for this Reserve. The works express the dual male and female soul of the grape (feminine) that becomes wine (masculine). While the gentleman (incarnation of Bacchus) offers a bunch of roses, “pour monsieur la bombe” is both tongue in cheek reference to what the lady (incarnation of Venus) is presenting, and a nod to French nuclear experiments. As gifts, a bottle with the male label was sent to Madame Yvonne and a bottle with the female label was sent to Charles de Gaulle. The male label continues to be used, with the female label reserved for very special occasions.

We're not the only ones that think this is a legendary wine. Capo di Stato was included in “100 vins de légende”, by Sylvie Girard-Lagorce (1999). The list was prepared with the collaboration and advice of the Vrinat family and the sommeliers of their restaurant, Taillevent, and wine shop, Les Caves Taillevent.

Loredan Gasparini, was founded by Count Piero Loredan in the 1950’s. The Loredan family was one of the leading noble houses of Venice, contributing 3 doges. One of these was Leonardo Loredan (Doge of Venice 1501-1521), whose portrait hangs in the National Gallery, London. Count Piero Loredan was a direct descendant of Leonardo Loredan.

Leonardo Loredan Doge of Venice
Leonardo Loredan, Doge of Venice 1501-1521

Visit our Capo di Stato page to bag yourself a legend.

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