Craft Prosecco

A true expression and celebration of the Glera grape, expressed as sparkling wine. As close to how sparkling wine was originally made from Glera as can be found today.

These craft Prosecco are from vineyards grown on the Montello hill (Montello Riviera) - the only Glera grown in Montello, within the Asolo DOCG area, itself a small enclave within the Prosecco DOCG. The terroir is unusual for Prosecco productions: the red soil is rich in iron and minerals.

What is very interesting and unusual in the Prosecco multi-verse is that the yeast used in producing these wines is indigenous to the vineyards in which the grapes are grown. For the Cuvée Indiegene, it is truly wild. For the Brut (Prosecco Superiore) and Vigna Monti, the yeast was carefully selected over a period of 5 years from the yeast population of the vineyards.

The Vigna Monti is highly unusual. Because of the Montello soil, rich in iron and minerals, and the age of the vines (planted in 1975 - Prosecco is usually produced from vines no older than 15 years), the base and structure is strong enough to make it possible to produce a sparkling wine in the Méthode Champenoise (metodo classico), which showcases the secondary aromas of the Glera.