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Remarkable Red Wines and Craft Prosecco from Loredan Gasparini

In Venegazzù of Volpago del Montello, on the slopes of the Montello Riviera, in the heart of Marca Trevigiana, lies the 60 hectares estate of the Azienda Agricola Conte Loredan Gasparini. An area acclaimed for its quality wine production, with a long and rich history of wine making. In 1590, the historian Giovanni Bonifacio (1547-1635) sang its praises in his Historia Trevigiana: “the Trevigi countryside has woodlands useful for timber and for hunting… The land produces (…) excellent wines and the most remarkable is the one of the Montello Riviera”. A major strength of the Montello in producing excellent wines is its clay earth rich in iron and minerals.

Historia Trivigiana Giovanni Bonifaccio

Historia Trivigiana, Giovanni Bonifaccio, 1590

Founded in the 1950s by Count Piero Loredan, direct descendant of the Doge of Venice Leonardo Loredan (who chose the territory of “Vignigazzu” to establish his residence in a magnificent Palladian villa). From its beginnings Count Loredan planted the winery’s tenements vines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec, to produce wines of the highest quality.

Leonardo Loredan Doge of Venice 1501-1521

Leonardo Loredan, Doge of Venice (1501-1521). This portrait by the Italian Renaissance master Giovanni Bellini hangs in The National Gallery.

Loredan Gasparini's ethos can be expressed in four elements:

  1. Territory: A beautiful natural work of art work that they respect … using 100% renewable energy.
  2. Love for wine: That is not rational, coming from the depth of their hearts.
  3. Passion for quality: That is a rational and continuous energy, searching for the ideal Wine, which does not want to be the expression of an absolute style, being an end in itself, but the product of a unique terroir.
  4. Terroir: The synthesis of an infinite interaction between the Environment and us, living beings who inhabit it with our traditions. This is a balance of force and energies which specifically belong to this place, unique and incomparable.

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Wine list

Iconic Red Wine

  1. Capo di Stato, DOC Montello Venegazzù Superiore
  2. Venegazzu "Della Casa", DOC Montello Superiore
  3. Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Montello
  4. Malbec IGT Colli Trevigiani
  5. Falconera, Merlot IGT Colli Trevigiani

Craft Prosecco

  1. Prosecco Superiore DOCG Asolo, Brut
  2. Vigna Monti, Prosecco Metodo Classico DOCG, Extra Brut
  3. Prosecco Cuvée Indigene