Organic Wine

Our organic wines are from Le Baite. Passionately organic, Le Baite was producing organic wines long before it became fashionable. Three generations of organic farming and winemaking. No shortcuts, no chemicals. Just fundamental organic farming and winemaking. Their commitment is admirable. Their wines are memorable.

Our organic wines are grouped using the categories developed by Stefano, Le Baite's owner and master winemaker. Wines are grouped by natural element:

  • Water ("acqua") for still white wines
  • Air ("aria") for Prosecco
  • Sun ("sole") for unoaked red wines
  • Earth ("terra") for red wines aged in oak barrels

These elements are included in the labels on all Le Baite's bottles.

In everything, Le Baite in philosophy and output is interwoven with nature. Truly "legati alla natura".

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