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Why we do what we do

Because we believe in challenging the status quo. Our passion is intertwined with the respect that we have for him, the wine, for what he represents, and for the work of the people behind him. What we drink reflects our state of mind and our level of understanding the matter.

Traveling around the UK we have seen hundreds of "really pretty Italian flags", but we couldn't find anything that tastes like home. Everyone can say whatever they want, praising wines for their achievements or notoriety. We believe the facts will reveal the truth about him (the wine).

We have our standards of quality. Quality is never taken for granted. Quality needs learning, understanding and sharing.

How we do what we do

“L'esempio è la miglior forma di insegnamento“ - Gualtiero Marchesi (The example is the best way of teaching.)

We had to find small producers from north-eastern Italy that have achieved our standard of quality with deep roots and attributes. They must be family run wineries, that we can say that we know deeply, at 360°: their operative mode, terroir, tradition, working philosophy and even untapped potential. Their wines need to show defined characteristics; entirely deserving of the stamp “made in Italy” with humble pride, respect for tradition, but innovators at heart.

What we do

We are an independent British wine merchants, formed by blending the knowledge and experience of two Italian oenologists from Conegliano and a British engineer, united by the same passion for wine (and rugby).

We specialise in wines from north-eastern Italy, covering the Italian mainland of the Serenissima (The Most Serene Republic of Venice). Within our “region” are iconic winemaking areas, such as:

  • Verona, home of Amarone
  • Treviso, birthplace of Prosecco and Raboso
  • Venegazzù, a less widely known zone producing fabulous red wines
  • Collio Goriziano, one of the greatest white wine producing regions in Italy

We import directly from our producers and sell both wholesale and retail.

Our Producers

They craft and bottle the wine, we cover everything else.

  • Barboglio de Gaioncelli - Franciacorta
  • Bastía Rebuli - Cartizze
  • Casa Roma - Raboso, Marzemina Bianca and more
  • Colvendrà
  • Loredan Gasparini - Red wine and craft Prosecco
  • Corte Aleardi
  • Corte Lenguin
  • Le Baite - Our organic producer
  • Ronco Blanchis - White wine from the Collio
  • Negroni Antica Distilleria - Our spirits distillery

       Le Baite Organic Wine Legati Alla Natura                    Casa Roma       Corte Lenguin             Bastia Valdobbiadene      Negroni Antica Distillery