Our Wine Producers & Spirits Distillery


Our producers are carefully selected. They are family owned and run. Their love of wine resonates with us. Their commitment to producing wine that is exceptional, is what we respect and love. Here then are our producers.

 Loredan Gasparini

Loredan Gasparini

Visit Loredan Gasparini's website.


Le Baite

Le Baite organic wine producer logo

 Visit Le Baite's website.



Colvendra Wine Producer logo

 Visit Colvendrà's website.


Casa Roma

Visit Casa Roma's website.


Ronco Blanchis

Ronco Blanchis - white wine from Collio, Friuli, Italy

Visit the Ronco Blanchis website.


Corte Aleardi 

Corte Aleardi - wines from Valpolicella - Amarone

Visit Corte Aleardi's website.


Corte Lenguin

Corte Lenguin - wines from Valpolicella since the 9th century - Amarone

Visit Corte Lenguin's website.


Bastia Rebuli

Bastia Rebuli - wine from Valdobbiadene, Treviso, Italy

Visit Bastía Rebuli's website


Barboglio de Gaioncelli

Barboglio de Gaioncelli

Visit the Barboglio de Gaioncelli website.



We represent the Negroni Distillery in the UK - Negroni Antica Distilleria. A fabulous range of liquori (liqueurs) and grappas - to enjoy on their own or to make iconic cocktails such as Spritz, Hugo, Negroni Sbagliato and Black Russian.

Negroni Distillery - Negroni Antica Distilleria
Visit the Negroni Antica Distilleria website.